welcome to luna bloom

i am alex, the mumma of luna bloom (and a couple of human kids!). i create many lovely products for your enjoyment, but most of all my aim is to inspire and support you to find ways to tune into your essential self, and give yourself the nurturing and nourishment you need to be whole and vital (which will be different for each of us, and will also change throughout our lives.)

along with my handcrafted natural body products, hand-knotted malas, and other soulful creations, which are available for purchase, i would love to share –

* simple practices, recipes, ideas, and tips, for free and low-cost ways to ground, nourish, and enjoy yourself

* ways to care for our mother earth by reducing our use of products laden with harmful chemicals (which usually means saving money too)

* lunar wisdom and ways to observe and tune in to the rhythms of the seasons, the moon cycles and your own inner rhythms

i intend to hold this as a simple no-hype, sales-spiel-free space…because honestly, no product can change your life – only YOU can! my creations can be lovely additions to your life, or thoughtful gifts for loved ones, but your wellbeing and happiness is truly in your own hands.

check out the news page for the latest updates…including my 10th birthday giveaway challenge running from 31st january to 9th february. i am still noodling around on this site, but feel free to have a look around…I welcome your feedback and queries.

with love…alex…

illuminarium fix

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all images and writing used on this site are my own (unless otherwise credited) and may be shared only with correct attribution