kind words

“I really treasure the Mala Alex made for me. She asked me questions about the mala I envisioned and really helped me to envision what I wanted. She made it exactly the way I had imagined and added a cute little detail (a rose bead) that gave it a special final touch.
Thank you so much for this beautiful Mala, Alex! Highly recommend your work ❤ ”   ~Theresa webb~

“Dealing with Alex has been an absolute pleasure. She is so in tune and so passionate and heartfelt about her creations.

One of my dearest friends had a special birthday coming up and when I saw the pictures of Alex’s mala creations on FB I knew I had found my friend the perfect gift. I know from previous experience how much soul Alex puts into anything she creates, so I was excited about commissioning her to create the perfect mala for my friend.

I have never bought anything like this online. For things like crystals etc I like to physically see them and get a feel for them. However, due to time restraints and being in different states, I was unable to see Alex in person so I had to rely on texting, speaking and seeing pictures. Well, I have no reservations in saying that it worked beautifully!

I simply discussed with Alex what I thought my friend might like in terms of colours, qualities and the intention of the mala, and from that Alex came up with a number of beautiful suggestions of beads and then designs. We both identified the final perfect design easily.

I received the mala in my post office box and when I opened the door I could feel the energy zinging! It was surprisingly emotional opening the package and seeing the stunning mala. It was perfect and so filled with energy I was blown away.

The whole process was so easy and so beautiful. Quite emotional actually! There is nothing like ‘helping’ create something special for someone you care about! A big, heartfelt thank you Alex xo”  ~Michelle Jones~