mala beads

japa mala beads may be used for meditation, or simply worn and enjoyed.

traditionally a full mala is 108 beads plus the sumeru bead (the bead above the tassel). when using the mala for meditation counting starts next to the sumeru with each bead passed through the fingers one at a time until returning to the sumeru, then the mala is turned and counting continues without crossing over the sumeru.

malas may also be made in half size of 54 beads plus sumeru, however depending on the size of the beads this may not fit as a necklace.

all luna bloom malas are hand-made by me, with love and intention, especially for you. each bead is hand knotted, and so should the mala thread ever break, only one bead comes free. you may like to choose one of the examples depicted in the gallery, or alternatively I would love to work with you to create a mala with your specific requirements either for yourself or as a gift. we may also work into your design any special beads you may already have and wish included. prices will vary according to the particular beads in your design.

do contact me if you would like to create a mala together